Catholic Youth Minister - Public Speaker - Katie Prejean

Katie Prejean is a dynamic and engaging
Catholic speaker with a passion for sharing the Faith.

When Katie was just 17 years old, the director of youth ministry for the Diocese of Lake Charles asked her to give a keynote at the annual Diocesan Youth Conference. She said yes, and years later Katie is now a professional youth minister and speaker traveling around the country. Whenever she stands on stage, Katie is completely at ease. Audiences are challenged and excited by her talks, and her powerful presentation style is filled with humor and substantive teaching.

Katie, a dynamic Catholic Speaker, incorporates the E3 Method, a unique ministry and speaking model that reaches audiences on three very distinct levels. Katie engages audiences, establishing a personal connection by simply having fun with them. Using stories and her signature dance moves, Katie is able to set an audience at ease and make them comfortable. Katie is then able to enrich the hearts and minds of the audience. Drawing on her years of studying theology, Katie is able to reach out to an audience and share with them the Truth of the Faith – Truth that exists, can be known, and must be taught. She then extends a challenge to audiences, asking them to begin figuring out the best way to incorporate the Truth into their daily lives. Katie pushes audiences to go beyond their comfort zone and live radically passionate lives for Christ.