Catholic Youth Minister - Public Speaker - Katie Prejean

What She Offers

Katie is available for a wide variety of events in a number of ways. When you bring Katie in for an event, she works with you one on one to create original content specific to your group’s needs. Below you’ll find some of the things Katie has done previously and what she can offer to you.


Katie hosts and facilitates rallies, conferences, days of reflection, and retreats. Working with the overall flow and energy of the event, Katie incorporates games, activities, and short talks that engage audiences as they move throughout an event.

Key Notes

Katie provides engaging, humorous, theologically sound talks on a variety of topics. Katie will work with you one on one to customize talks for your event based on your theme and vision. No keynote is ever “cookie cutter” or “recycled” – every talk is custom built to fit your needs for the event in both stories, length, and detailed content.

Previous topics/stories have included:

  • Light it up, Salty: An exploration of Matthew 5:13-16
  • Who, What, How: Discipleship in Action
  • God Doesn’t Need You: being made in the image and likeness of the Creator
  • Amen = I Believe: grounded & founded in the Faith
  • Climb that wall: surrendering to the love of Christ

Parish Missions

Katie’s parish missions are family oriented events, engaging audiences of all ages, from young children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Grounded in the beauty of the Catholic Faith, Katie leads parishes through a journey (typically over 3 evening presentations) where they discover the history of the Faith and how they are active participants in salvation history. Content can also be custom developed to suit a parish’s mission and vision, as well as work one on one with parish employees and involved members for a deeper experience.

Potential Missions include:

  • Drawing Near: The journey inward, outward, and upward
  • Lent: a time to reflect, renew, and recommit
  • 3 = 1: The Divine Math Problem that can’t be solved, exploring the Trinitarian God
  • Who am I? Why am I here? What do I do? – MOST POPULAR OPTION

Team Building

Similar to retreats and workshops, Katie’s team building presentations focus on more general leadership and community building ideas. Team Building presentations always involve physical and mental team building challenges that Katie has custom developed over her years of experience through her involvement facilitating the Christian Leadership Institute. Team building events revolve around three central themes: What does our group do? Why do we do it? How can we do it better? Team building events can range from 1 hour workshops to full day experiences, depending on the needs of the group.

Potential retreat opportunities include:

  • Student Councils
  • School Faculties
  • Ministry Groups (music ministries, parish councils, etc.)
  • Athletic Teams
  • Diocesan Staffs
  • Sororities & Fraternities

Potential topics include:

  • Talk, Talk, Talk… but who’s listening? : Forming Effective Communication skills
  • Developing Group Facilitation skills
  • Survive, Thrive, Drive: Keeping your Head above Water
  • Why don’t you do that: Managing and Delegating
  • Live for each Other: The Group that Works Together, Stays Together


Katie provides more specific and pointed workshops that focus on specific subject matter. Workshops are interactive, filled with both substantive content and Katie’s signature “Cajun storytelling.” Audiences have both laughed and cried during these workshops, as well as walking away with a deeper understanding of what it means to live a life in and for Christ.

Potential retreat opportunities include:

  • Grade-level retreats (6th – 12th grade)
  • Confirmation retreats
  • Leadership & team building retreats focusing on group unity & mission building

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