NFP: Not Freaking Practical

Let’s move beyond the fairytale “NFP is a joy” commentary and get real. NFP is tough. It's sometimes annoying. It's complicated and confusing (at first, and postpartum, and when you just miss your spouse after a long day...) But, the joys of NFP are also evident

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Writing Week: The Writer’s Space

Where we are has an effect on what we craft, and so identifying where we get our best writing done, and then going to that space again and again, can produce better, more coherent, fruitful, good writing.

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Writing Week: The Writer’s First Step

These “first steps” authors take to write are just one small part of a huge process. Coffee, praying, timers, fighting mentalities…the approach to the blank page is varied and unique, but all ends in the same result: good writing (which makes for good reading for audiences who want to learn).

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Writing Week: Good Writers Read

Good writers read so they can become better writers. They read to learn. They read to expand their minds. They read because they recognize that a lot of other people have had profoundly good and beautiful things to say as well, and before you write yourself, it may be valuable to see their take on something.

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Stay Open to Love

I've sat down to write this blog no less than a dozen times. And every time, I struggle about two or three sentences in to [...]

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