What Katie Offers


Katie can host and facilitate rallies, conferences, retreats, days of reflections, trainings, and workshops. Katie works with the overall flow and energy of the event, incorporating activities, reflections, short talks that tie together the various elements of the program, and chances for the audience to give feedback and thoughts themselves.


Katie provides engaging, humorous, theologically sound, story-filled talks and teachings on a variety of topics. Nothing is “cookie cutter.” She will work with you to craft customized talks that weave together her stories, theological teachings, Scripture, and a variety of life experiences so that the theme and vision for your event is captured.

Parish Missions 

Family oriented, engaging, and thought-provoking, Katie’s parish missions (usually during Advent or Lent) are 2, 3, or 4 night programs that help an entire parish explore forming and growing a relationship with Jesus. Content is custom developed to fit the needs of the parish and the mission and vision of the pastor, parish staff, and families in attendance.


Usually within the context of a larger event, Katie can provide specific, pointed presentations on particular subjects. These workshops can be as specifically focused or generally wide-ranging in topic as wanted or needed, always focusing in on what it means to live a life in and for Jesus Christ.

Team Building & Trainings 

Katie’s experience as a teacher, campus minister, and parish youth minister have uniquely equipped her to facilitate trainings for school faculties, parish staffs, youth ministry core team members and volunteers, student councils, ministry groups, athletic teams, diocesan staffs, and even sororities and fraternities. Team buildings and trainings on community building, general leadership, classroom dynamics, evangelization models, team building, and collaboration can range from 1 hour workshops to full day retreats, depending on the needs and dynamics of the group. Topics are always discussed and programs are always formulated based on the unique needs of each group.