Chris Stefanick, Real Life Catholic: Cathloic Keynote Speaker

Katie Prejean is the real deal. She’s got a gift for reaching straight into the hearts of teens and delivers that gift with zero pretense, zero cheese, and a heart on fire with the love of God.-Chris Stefanick, Real Life Catholic: Catholic Keynote Speaker

Doug Tooke, Diocesan Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Helena, Montana

Katie’s professionalism and dedication to the hearts of young people was excellent. It is difficult to pave the way for incredible female speaker in the Catholic Church in the United States. Katie ranks above the best as easy to work with and professional on all levels. What a blessing!

Lisa Kurnik, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

One of her strengths was that she took our notes on our theme and prepared her talks. Katie didn’t give a ‘canned’ talk and try to force our theme into it. When we put a lot of time and effort into making things seamlessly flow, it helped to have a speaker who listened and delivered.

Alyssa Miles, teen in the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

Honestly I didn’t know what to expect from Katie. She was so unlike our speakers we have had before, not really a girly girl, no makeup, jeans, hair back (the woodland creature), socks with Mama Mary, toms, glasses and a button down. She started our talk, and Katie is a storyteller so it was fun to listen to her. Then I realized…Katie Prejean is my spirit animal.

Adam Ganucheau, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama

Katie’s humor and entertaining presentation kept the rapt attention of over 325 teens and 105 adults on the Saturday morning of our conference. Using visuals and technology were great additions to her talk, and though her humor first draws you in, it is the Gospel truth and wisdom she shares that delivers the knockout punch. Our teen feedback was off the charts. Many commented she was the best ACYC speaker we’ve ever had.

Fr. Whitney Miller, Ph.D., LPC; Director of St. Charles Retreat Center, Lake Charles, Louisiana

She is a dynamic presenter, one who can motivate a group with humor, insight, and depth. Her t-shirt logo says it all, “I’d rather be studying theology.” She loves theology and loves God. This is obvious and apparent when you are around her. Such spirit is infectious and Katie is a sure and certain carrier!

Paul Jarzembowski, Executive Director of the National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association

In her own way, Katie helped to make the National Catholic Collegiate Conference a real success. Her words of wisdom, infections joy for the Gospel, and unique gifts she’s given the Church were all elements of what made the conference work for the participants. Her keynote was fantastic and I can’t wait to work with her more in the coming years.

Tony Vasinda, Director of Programming for

In my decade of experience working youth ministers from across the globe, only a handful of us are truly capable of voicing their thoughts while still listening to what you really need. Katie is one of those truly dedicated souls who can move in along side your vision for a project, and infuse it with her own God given experiences, voice, and gifts. I am looking forward to many more opportunities to serve the young Church alongside this amazing co-worker. We were looking for a speaker at our event, but got a partner in ministry.

Laura Prejean, Canon Law student at Catholic University of America and Katie’s favorite (and only) sister

Katie is able to explain more than just the basic elements of the Catholic faith, but the deeper, theological and philosophical components. Able to find a balance between overly simplified and overly academic, she presents some of theology’s most compelling truths in an understandable and engaging way. More than that, she presents them as relevant, essential not only to the faith that is found in the Catechism, but the faith required for our everyday lives.

Pat Hutcheson, Youth Director, Our Lady of the Lake Parish, Branson, MO

Katie made great use of our theme ideas and connecting with our young people. The way the presentations were handled made the kids feel that it was a personal conversation rather than a “lecture”. Very engaging. Completely on target theologically. Sincere and authentic, not to mention very high energy. Also, the fact that she was open to individual conversation with our young people and never made them feel that they were rushed in talking with her was wonderful.